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ABER-Feast 2018

As most work places start to think about where they want to take their company for a staff meal for Christmas time, we at Season+Taste, start to think about what fun can be had by gathering the whole company up a Welsh Hilltop for a weekend festival- ABER-Feast!

To thank all the staff for their hard work in 2018 directors Kieran & Imo for the second year running invited everyone from all five restaurants to Abergavenny. Whilst there, we spent the day exploring the notorious Abergavenny Food Festival and then spent the evening up in a beautiful cottage cooking Welsh Lamb on the BBQ, playing funny inter-site competitions for the championships and having a fun old knees up in the barn.

This year we had another fantastic firework display from Kieran, a cheeky quiz from Sara, food cooked to perfection from the chef's, cocktails galore from Fee, a wellie throwing contest and the fantastic Bristol based band Snazzback play for us in the barn! Gambas head chef Liz couldn't get enough of the band (or the Oysters from Abergavenny).

With having opened Gambas & Corner77 this year it was a great opportunity for all the staff across the company to meet, and sometimes there is no better way to do it than this. Oh, and if you're wondering who won the Season+Taste Championships this year... it was Cargo Cantina, well done guys, you display that trophy with pride!!


Stream Farm have once again kindly hosted the staff at Season+Taste at their beautiful valley farm in Somerset; but this time we joined in on their Open Day where the farm came to life with hundreds of visitors. Staff took along their families and friends for a fun day of animal petting, tractor riding, produce tasting and interesting chats with the farmers.

The thing we love about Stream Farm is how it all began, and how it still follows the same ethos today. Farm owners Henrietta & James moved from London to this farm with the aim of making a difference to the countryside & local farmers livelyhood- so they opened their farm up as a collective and allow different farmers to use the land for cattle, hens, fish, apples, bees, sprint water... the list could go on. Each farmer helps one another in their days but each has their own niche - one family that particularly impressed us was the shepherding family, as their young daughter a shepherdess in training was such a natural around the lambs, even picking them up for us to greet.

The farm also had a pregnant pig ready to burst, but thankfully not on the day of the Open Day or that would have meant all hands of deck for all the farmers.

The farm was so peaceful, it was hard for us to want to leave, but we didn't leave empty handed. Everyone purchased some fish, meat or juice for home, after seeing how organic everything was, there is no better way than to see exactly where you buy your produce from. Bravas can't wait to put lamb back on the menu & our newest restaurant Gambas I'm sure is eager for some fresh fish for the menu too!


Blessed with a spell of great weather, Bravas front of house team made a supplier visit to the lovely Chase distillery in Hereford.

It was wonderful to see around their apple orchards and potato fields, knowing that their key ingredients are all grown on site. Not many gin distilleries can boast that they are self sustainable too, sourcing their own power and water from its natural reservoir.

This time of year the distillery was quiet, but once Autumn comes it sounds like it is all hands on deck for the Chase team as they start producing their vodka made from apples- that also can become their Elegant Gin (a definite staff favourite).

On the tour we were shown every process that goes into each bottle of Chase gin & vodka. Bravas bar manager Fee, who has taken a passion to making and studying gin herself, loved seeing how as Chase is a single-estate you can be sure every step is cared for from field to bottle.

The visit ended by a much welcomed tasting, and as the distillery tour was filled with some beautiful aromas of marmalade infusing and oak smoking we were keen for a taste. Kieran felt very inspired by several spirits and hopes to introduce them into some of the restaurants soon.

Corner 77

Our new venture has been featured in the Bristol Post. Read the article here.


Season & Taste Development day

To kick start 2018, the Season and Taste senior team came together on an early Monday morning with the help of copious coffee and cake to discuss future developments and exchange ideas. A mixture of both familiar faces and newer members were invited to openly discuss new exciting plans for the company and consider previous steps taken to reach the goals set out and achieved so far.

To begin with, Kieran and Imogen gave us all a little background knowledge of themselves; from growing up surrounded by their respective family run businesses, leading up to how they met and eventually how they opened up their first restaurant Bravas! They spoke about their mutual love for travelling and trying new food, which along with their knowledge of business kick started their on-going love affair with the world of hospitality.

We then moved onto topics such as issues the company may face, company objectives and potential future goals that we as a company could aspire to reach. Of course, we paused for a lunch break to indulge in a few glasses of Bravas’ exceptional wines and ate even better food prepared by Imogen (with the helpful assistance of baby Winston Waite!).

Before the more formal part of the day came to an end we moved onto a central part of the company ethos that Kieran and Imogen feel very strongly about, which is the importance of giving back to the community. We spoke about previous charities that we worked alongside with such as Médecins Sans Frontières, Penny Brohn UK and the charity we currently support; Action Against Hunger. Imogen and Kieran wanted to hear suggestions that any of us may have for ways that we can give back to the community, and any charities that we feel strongly for and would like to support in the future. The day allowed us to all have our individual inputs and ideas shared amongst team members that span over the different sites, which is a very pivotal part to the development of the company, as it involves all the people within it, bringing us all a little closer.

After a day filled with brainstorming, teambuilding activities and a few laughs shared amongst friends, we thought it fitting to end our day’s work at the pub over a few beers - all in the spirit of hospitality!

In search of green chorizo - Mark and Kieran go to Spain, November 2017

Season + Taste's executive chef Mark Chapman and director Kieran Waite travelled to Spain in late November for a very special project - green chorizo development (yes, green)! Accompanied by Davide Menendez of Mevalco, Season + Taste's main Spanish supplier, Kieran and Mark visited specialist chorizo producer "Embutidos Pura Raza" to develop Season + Taste's very own green chorizo recipe, to serve at our mexican bar, CARGO Cantina.

They played with combinations of ingredients, including coriander, serrano chilli and garlic, plus the magic green ingredient - spirulina! Kieran and Imogen were inspired to make their own green chorizo after their travels to Toluca, Mexico, where the brightly coloured chorizo is hung in the streets.

On their visit, Mark, Kieran and Davide couldn't resist exploring the restaurants of the local area, and visited Restaurante Gueya Mar, found in a tiny fishing village near Oviedo in Asturias. There they sampled local delights such as grilled Rey fish (a buttery fish akin to red snapper), steamed razor clams, and the restaurant's very own smoked and tinned sardines, of which they are famous for across Spain. Watch out for CARGO Cantina's utterly unique green chorizo, coming to their menu soon!

Tequila Fest October 2017

On an early Sunday in October, Cargo Cantina's staff caught the train up to London for their first official team trip. They went to the annual Tequila Festival in Brick Lane's ultra hip Old Truman Brewery, and they had a hoot! Celebrating all things Mexican, this vibrant festival offers more tequila, mezcal, tacos and Mexican cervezas than you can shake a pinãta at. The Cantina crew sampled the delights of Temper London's goat and beef fat tacos, cooked over an open grill in the middle of the festival courtyard, and worked their way around the countless tequila and mezcal suppliers, all eager to share generous tasters of their produce with the team! Cantina manager Sara Sanna, along with Cantina FOH members Jess, Agata and Bravas chef Ashley took to the dancefloor with the traditional Aztec dancers and the mariachi who were performing at the festival, and got the entire festival dancing! They finished off their night with margaritas and more tacos at La Bodega Negra, a secret restaurant tucked behind a shop in Soho. They plan to bring their favourite drink of the day - mezcal marca negra - to the Cantina bar menu soon! Keep your eyes peeled.

Bravas Head Chef Alice visits Seville - October 2017

In October 2017, we sent Bravas' Head Chef Alice Hart on a week's "stage" (a sort of working holiday) to one of our favourite tapas restaurants in Spain - La Azotea in Sevilla.

Alice spent the week in sunny Sevilla hosted by La Azotea's wonderful owners, Juan and Jeanine, learning all she could about their food and kitchens (they have four successful tapas restaurants across the city). Winning many plaudits for their top notch traditional cuisine with a contemporary edge, La Azotea was the perfect place for Alice to visit. She spent the mornings zipping about on the back of Jose Maria (Executive Chef)'s Vespa visiting fish suppliers, and the afternoons working short, packed lunch shifts, followed by late dinner shifts stretching until after midnight. Alice tried all sorts of things - from squid egg to barnacles and snails. What else did she learn? That the chefs at La Azotea put sherry in "literally everything". Doesn't sound too shabby to us! Alice can't wait to share what she learnt with Bravas' customers as she develops the winter menu. Look out for the sherry!

Season + Taste Aber Fest 2017

In September we had our first ever Season + Taste staff festival, in the stunning Welsh hillside of Abergavenny! This year, directors Kieran and Imogen wanted to do something different to reward their team, rather than the usual staff meal at Christmas time.

Instead, they decided to thank the guys for all of their hard work by creating a mini Season + Taste festival! We tied this in with a visit to the brilliant Abergavenny Food Festival - and spent the day there wandering the streets tucking into grilled oysters with chipotle butter, bao buns, cake, craft beer, bespoke gins, and more! In the evening we retreated to the rolling Welsh hills and pumped the tunes out to a stunning sunset over the valley, as we dined on melt in the mouth Welsh lamb, which executive chef Mark had buried in a pit in the ground 24 hours earlier, and steamed in the hot coals of the bonfire, Mexican barbacoa-style.

We played inter-site beer pong (Bakers & Co were the champs, much to Bravas' and Cantina's dismay), Season + Taste's first annual pub quiz, and even managed a dance off or 2. The night was topped off with spectacular fireworks released into the starry sky by Kieran! It's safe to say our first ever Season + Taste Aber Fest kicked off with a bang!!

Season + Taste’s April 2017 Mexico diary!

Cargo Cantina is set to be the latest hospitality business to come from Season + Taste, opening down at Cargo 2, Wapping Wharf. We are visiting Mexico for 10 days to get inspiration, finalise plans and meet suppliers, before opening the Mexico City inspired Taco Bar in June. Myself, Kieran, and Cargo Cantina manager Sara Sanna (not forgetting baby Winston Waite!) set off for Mexico in the middle of April….

Day 1 Tuesday 18 th April

Arriving in the dark…..

Perhaps unwisely, I left reading the foreign office advice on travelling to Mexico until just before boarding our 11 hour flight. Driving through the dark streets of Mexico City at 5am with our baby, I wondered if we’d made the best decision. It doesn’t make light reading, referencing Mexico’s problems with crime and violence, carjacking, theft and even kidnap. It didn’t sound like the same country Kieran and I fell in love with on our travels 10 years earlier.

Thankfully in the light of day, we found the lovely tree-lined streets of the Condesa neighbourhood (where we are basing ourselves) were anything but intimidating. We started our exploration of Mexico City with ‘tacos de canasta’ for breakfast, sold by a friendly man with his taco stand at the corner of our street. These are literally ‘tacos in a basket’ - you add the salsas yourself, which also come sold in baskets. From this taco stand we could see at least four other street food stalls, and were already salivating - we were going to be spoilt for choice!

Further exploration of the local area led us to a bustling street market which is only there on Tuesdays- we had struck lucky. Vendors plied us with tasters at every stall, and the scent of ripe tropical fruit was intoxicating. Here we had our first taste of Mexican ‘barbacoa’ - totally different to our expectations of barbeque from the UK. Shoulders of baby goat are wrapped in banana leaves, and buried in a smouldering fire pit. The meat slowly steams until it is completely tender and falling off the bone, keeping its flavours and juices locked tight in its banana wrapping. The barbacoa is then delivered to the market in an insulated wooden box, still wrapped in its casing of leaves.

By the end of our first day I felt relaxed and at home in Mexico City. Yes, you do have to take plenty of sensible precautions, like taking taxis at night and avoiding certain areas. But the people are overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming, and parts of the city have a wonderfully relaxed air you just don’t expect in such an enormous capital.

Stream Farm April 2017

Tucked into a secluded valley high in the Quantock Hills of Somerset, Stream Farm nestles in the heart of the countryside, producing top quality organic beef, chicken, lamb, rainbow trout, and more. Stream Farm are unique in their methods of egalitarian share farming – and take agriculture and its methods very seriously. They are proudly organic, and their livestock clearly enjoy a quality of life unrivalled by the suppliers of supermarkets.

Bravas assistant manager Fee, Bravas Head Chef Mark, Bakers FOH member Dani and Season + Taste assistant Emma visited the farm in early April on a sun drenched Friday. James, who heads up Stream Farm, took them around the farm to visit the new life – beautiful calves, born to their pedigree Dexter cattle, grazed amongst the daffodils next to their lake. Dani, Emma and Fee even got to hold Stream Farm’s first lamb of the year – who they affectionately named ‘Dani’ after our own Dani! – who had been born just a few hours before the team arrived.

Before they left, James and his colleagues offered the guys some of their deliciously crisp homemade organic Stream Farm apple juice, along with a plate of their home-smoked, award-studded rainbow trout. Fee, Mark, Dani and Emma were sad to leave this calm corner of the world behind…..but took the trout with them. You can sample the delights of Stream Farm rainbow trout on the menu at Bravas, cooked simply on the plancha, and also in their newest White Russian salad (which you won’t want to miss)!

MARCH 2017 – Bravas go to Sevilla!

On a damp, blustery Sunday in March, we gathered at Bristol Airport at the ungodly hour of 5am to hop it over to Sevilla for a good dose of Vitamin D and tapas. Stepping off the plane into beautiful Spanish spring sunshine, we all breathed a sigh of relief!

15 of us, plus baby Winston, took it upon ourselves to eat as much tapas as possible over the ensuing trip. We sampled the delights of backstreet tapas bar Las Teresas in Sevilla’s city centre, tucked shoulder to shoulder feasting on sweet mushrooms soaked in olive oil and seeped in garlic, delectable jamon, and sipping on sherry. When Kieran and Imogen first took the Bravas staff to Spain 3 years ago, it wasn’t quite so tricky to take 3 of them out to the local tapas bars. With 15 hungry mouths to feed, cramming into bustling bars in Sevilla wasn’t as easy – but all the more fun for it!

We took in lots of supplier visits along our way too – morning sherry and brandy drinking at the Bodegas Romate, where we get our beloved Cardinal Mendoza brandy for Bravas, and Losada, our olive producers, who hand pick – and hand process - our exquisite green olives

La Azotea, one of Seville’s best tapas bars, opened for us especially and created a 12 course tasting menu just for Bravas – complete with classic paella, salmorejo with melt in the mouth mackerel, and simple sweet organic tomatoes with rock salt and drizzles of olive oil.

On our way back from Sevilla, we stopped off at one of Bravas’ favourite haunts – Malaga Market. Birthplace of our now famous aubergine with molasses, we took in the sights and smells of the market, snacking on razor clams, concha finas, and of course, fried aubergine, before hopping on a plane back to rainy Bristol, dreaming of the sun soaked streets of Sevilla left behind……

MARCH 2017 –Intermediate Level Barista Skills training with Extract Coffee

We are proud to serve the wonderful Extract coffee in both Bravas and Bakers & Co, and are always keen on fine tuning our coffee making expertise. There’s no better place to do that than at Extract HQ…..

Our general manager Jose, Bravas assistant manager Fee and Supervisor Edgar joined Bakers & Co manager Paul and assistant manager Beth to take their level 2 Intermediate Speciality Coffee training at Extract’s roastery in St Werburghs, Bristol. This coffee training, which is SCA approved, focuses on taking baristas’ skills in depth – looking at not only how to produce the perfect cup of coffee, but also probing the processes behind this.

The team learnt about coffee cupping – exploring the complexities of coffee flavour – which is a skill akin to wine tasting. They also practised making high quality coffees with stunning latte art as fast as they could – a key asset to any barista’s repertoire!

Join us at either Bakers & Co or Bravas to reap the benefits of the team’s efforts and to sip on a cup of our delicious Extract coffee whenever you like!

March 2017 - Bravas and Bakers & Co Shipton Mill Visit

On a beautifully sunny day in March a few members of the team headed to the Cotswolds to have a look at where our wonderful flour comes from.

We started in the classroom at roller mill site, where we learnt about different types of grain, and individual properties of various flours.

We then donned our lab coats and headed outside to see where all the grain (1000 tonnes per week!) is delivered and deposited in to huge silos, where it is stored before being processed in to flour.

Each delivery is tested in their on-site laboratory, to ensure that all the grain that makes it to the mill is of the highest quality. After having a poke around in the lab, we were led in to the unbelievably loud milling room, where the grain is fed through different sets of rollers to be split and ground.

The grain is split in to two main components : bran - most of which is waste, however some is added back in at a later stage to make wholemeal flour; and semolina - the really valuable part, which is ground ever finer until it resembles the white flour that we are all familiar with. Chris pulled out samples of the flour at different stages so we could feel the different coarseness of each stage (excuse the hairnets):

We then set off to visit the stone mill. Half an hour away and down a winding stoney lane stood the historic building, next to a beautiful stream and nestled amongst biodynamic gardens - not a bad place for an office!

We spent the next half an hour climbing up old wooden ladders and ducking around low rafters to see the inner workings of the mill. The huge stone burrs work in pairs to grind the grain - the process is much simpler than the modern roller method, however it is harder to control and the bran and semolina remain unseparated. This is great for a traditional stoneground wholemeal flour but the method is far less suitable for finer white flour.

You will find Shipton Mill flour in all of our breads and cakes. You can even pick up a bag for yourself in Bakers and Co. for using in your own creations at home!

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