2020 threw up challenges that we never expected to have to deal with and it was very tough.  There were plenty of times when I doubted that our businesses would make it through at all.  The spring was particularly difficult I was at home every day with our baby, 2 year old and 3 year old, whilst Kieran worked every hour trying to save stock and sell things off.  Bakers & Co which stayed open through the whole first lockdown serving bread and essentials to the local community.  We talked long into the night every night (over too many bottles of wine) trying to work out how we could save our businesses, look after our teams and move forwards- there wasn’t a great deal of sleep had in those few months!

We have come a long way since then, our businesses have changed, adapted and thrived.  Bakers & Co was completely re launched in September as a Bakery, selling beautiful naturally leavened pastries and sourdough.  Gambas had an amazing summer, the team worked really hard and we served hundreds of happy customers.  Cargo Cantina launched a completely new take away arm to the business sending out delicious food to homes all over Bristol.  Bravas has a been so well supported by its wonderful loyal base of customers and has been doing a great trade in deli items and take away meals.  Very early in the pandemic we made a decision to sell Masa + Mescal, this gives us the opportunity to fully focus on the other four businesses and we were very happy and relieved that this sale went through in September.

Nearly a year after the first lockdown Kieran and I are now turning our attention to plans for the future, we have been working hard creating a strategy for each business.  We have exciting plans and we’re motivated to continue improving and developing each of our businesses.