We are really excited to bring the affable and hardworking Alex Smith to the spotlight. Alex is Jr. Sous Chef at Bravas and he is one of the great people who make up Season + Taste.

How long have you been with Season + Taste and what’s your background?

I started at Bravas, on Cotham Hill, as a kitchen porter 13 months ago. Before that I spent 4 years in the construction industry, and before that I did a chemistry degree at Oxford University. Not the most conventional path into a kitchen!

Why did you join the Season + Taste group?

I moved to Bristol and heard great things about Bakers & Co. I wanted to join the hospitality industry, so I applied and met Kieran. We had a chat and I liked the character of the company and their values. I thought that it was the right place to start a career as they offered so many progression opportunities.

What’s the best thing about your role?

Working in a small team means that you have the opportunity to be creative and I’m given the chance to come up with new ideas and put them on the menu. And also the fact that it is a fun team to work with; we always have a good time.

What’s the most challenging thing about your role? 

In a kitchen you always have to give your best every day. When the team is small there’s no room to hide anything and what you do is always out there. Also leading and training new members of the team can be challenging, but very rewarding at the same time.

What sort of training have you been on?

I’ve learnt so much! I started as kitchen porter and now I’m able to not only run a service, but can also plan ahead and get the kitchen ready for the week ahead. Also, my knowledge of Spanish food is great now; I didn’t know that much about Spanish food before I started at Bravas.

What would you say to people who are thinking of joining the team?

Hurry up and do it! It is a very rewarding thing to do. As I said earlier, working for a small company you can make your mark very quickly. There is nothing more satisfying than developing a recipe and delivering it to happy customers. It’s a great company to work for. 

Where do you see your role progressing?

I’ve only recently been promoted to the Jr Sous Chef position, but I see myself learning about the behind the scenes aspect of the business and working on menu development.The sky is the limit in terms of progression, and I want to keep going as far as I can.

Which is your favourite Season + Taste venue?

Cargo Cantina in Wapping Wharf. They make great tacos and the vibe is always great! I love sitting at their bar and having fun with the guys.