In October 2017, we sent Bravas’ Head Chef Alice Hart on a week’s “stage” (a sort of working holiday) to one of our favourite tapas restaurants in Spain – La Azotea in Sevilla. 

Alice spent the week in sunny Sevilla hosted by La Azotea’s wonderful owners, Juan and Jeanine, learning all she could about their food and kitchens (they have four successful tapas restaurants across the city). Winning many plaudits for their top notch traditional cuisine with a contemporary edge, La Azotea was the perfect place for Alice to visit. She spent the mornings zipping about on the back of Jose Maria (Executive Chef)’s Vespa visiting fish suppliers, and the afternoons working short, packed lunch shifts, followed by late dinner shifts stretching until after midnight. Alice tried all sorts of things – from squid egg to barnacles and snails. What else did she learn? That the chefs at La Azotea put sherry in “literally everything”. Doesn’t sound too shabby to us! Alice can’t wait to share what she learnt with Bravas‘ customers as she develops the winter menu. Look out for the sherry!