These trips are an amazing opportunity to get to know our current and possible suppliers and to see in person the production process of the goods that we serve in both Bravas and Bakers & Co.

As all of you know, being highly knowledgeable about the origin of our products is an essential part of the ethos of the company.

With these trips, we aim to improve the skills of both the kitchen staff and the FOH. In fact it will be beneficial in order to learn how to better cook and treat the products and to speak with our customers about their origin.

Ideally the trips are designed for 5 people, including both Kieran and Imo or just one of them, depending on the period, and everyone can sign up for as many trips as they like.

Participation will be on the basis of first-come, first-served. However, if more people are interested in visiting a particular supplier, we can arrange a way to satisfy everyone’s requests.

If you are interested, please e-mail sara@seasonandtaste.co.uk. Also, please specify any particular request and dietary requirements, since some of the suppliers will provide us with lunch.

Thank you!!!



The mill was first discovered in 1981, and since then it was restored in order to produce natural and amazing flour using the traditional process of stone-grinded flour.

With this technique, all the organic goodness of wholemeal flour is retained, unlike steel “roller” milling of white flour where the essential bran and germ is engineered away. The increased heat generated from roller milling can damage the natural proteins that are essential to producing the finest breads and dough, as well as being nutritional.

We buy daily all of our bread flour from them, both Bakers and Bravas.

The grain ground at Shipton Mill now provides organic and whole-wheat flours that are wholesome in both texture and flavour, with a well-established reputation among artisan bakers across the country.

This mill is located in a lovely valley near Tetbury, at about 40 minutes from Bristol. By visiting them we can discover the whole process of traditional stone grinding as well as the modern techniques of milling. Moreover, we can find out more about the grain itself and the various types of flours and wheat that are produced. This will be useful to learn more about how to use this ingredients in the recipes of cakes, bread etc…

Shipton Mill Ltd
Long Newnton


At least 2 members of the Kitchen, 1 from Bakers and 1 from Bravas.



They are social enterprise based in Bristol which helps people who are recovering from drugs and alcohol dependency through practical agricultural activities. They purpose is to empower individuals and communities by providing actual training and job opportunities; they produce different types of green leaves.

This company can be defined as a win-win business, they grow delicious vegetables creating at the same time a positive social impact.

They are located in Bristol so it will be very easy to reach them.

We buy directly from them weekly leaves and herbs.


FOH should be the most involved in visiting this supplier, especially to get to know the owners and their story. They have very strong values and it is our moral job to learn more about their mission and to speak about it with customers. It will result in good promotion for them and for us at the same time, since we support them.